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Exhibition and Conference Center Palma de Mallorca


Septiembre 2014

Aislamiento y calorifugado @en, Assembly of mechanical installations, Assembly of steel structures, Installation and operations of large equipment, Isolation and facilities lagging, Montaje de instalaciones mecánicas @en, Montaje y maniobra de grandes equipos @en
About This Project

The project developed for the Conference Centre of the city of Palma de Mallorca consisted of the installation of carbon steel pipe in the cooling circuit around the resort as well as in its various rooms. The work involved both pipe assembling and isolation. The work has been completed with the location and connection of more than 50 air conditioners, many of them located in difficult areas that challenged our team to propose safe and fast lifting procedures.

The pump room is one of the most complex, due to the objective of mitigating as much as possible, the noise generated by its functioning.

Developed in September 2014.