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Internal training sessions


24 Apr Internal training sessions

Every month we met in Arumani de la Vall D´Uixò facilities with one goal: have an internal training session. On the last day, the team leaders sat with our human resources partner, Carmen Collado. The purpose of the meeting, is those difficult but at the same time vital for the proper functioning of a company and everything around him.

The theme was about the orientation toward planning and programming, as well as the definition of the objectives in each project. In short, everything that has to do with efficiency in the workplace and on the results obtained. The effectiveness is multilateral why?


  • It allows an employee invest fewer hours at work, having a range of solutions that provide for negative situations and, therefore, suffer less unexpected.
  • Work effectively, allows to offer the customer a work of quality, both in work and in accordance with timing and goals, managing to anticipate any problems and creating a close relationship and coordination with our customers.
  • The company, greater control and knowledge of the works, as well as lower investment in dedication when it is not really necessary, always oriented to a flexible service and commitment with the client.

Somebody, in your workplace, you can get to feeling overwhelmed by the continuing avalanche of tasks, but in reality, we do our work, we know very well our profession… and we are aware of our areas for improvement to deal with certain situations. It is precisely there where, in Arumani, we are focusing our efforts both internally and with customers.

Soon I will show you something what can convey you to what refer us with all this and, above all, that defines our work method.

We leave you with some pictures of the day’s training.




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